Meet Kids Guard

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Kids Guard is the ideal parenting aide that you need to keep an eye on your kids’ whereabouts. The app will help you to have access to your kids’ apps to ensure their safety online.

Meet Kids Guard

The Best Parental Control App for Managing Your Children’s Activities across Their Devices.

Say hi to fun and effective digital parenting with Kids Guard- the best parental control application for tracking your kids’ activities online. Kids Guard is the ideal parenting aide that you need to keep an eye on your kids’ whereabouts. The app will help you to have access to your kids’ apps to ensure their safety online.

Block Adult Content0%

Keep Track of Your Child’s Activity Online.

Block Adult Contents

Are you worried your kids might have access to adult contents on their smartphones and other mobile devices? With Kids Guard, you can easily block.

Monitor Online Searches

Kids Guard helps you to hide bad contents from your kids. So, you won’t have to worry about what your kids are viewing on the internet.

Filter the Web

The internet contains series of bad contents. Block access to contents that you feel your children shouldn’t view by making use of the app’s filter feature.

The Parental Control Application

The Parental Control Application That Lets You Manage Contents and Usage across Your Kids’ Devices…

Kids Guard gives you visibility and optimum control over your children’s experience on the internet. It lets you filter the web and block pornography and other bad contents before your children view them.

Great Possibilities

Worldwide Customers

Filter the internet

Permit or block websites

Be updated on your kids’ activities online

Block adult contents

Review your children’s online activities


Kids Guard makes it possible for you to keep an eye on your kids and equally protect them from cyberbullying, adult contents, online predators and other threats. You will be able to monitor their call logs, social activities and messages amongst others.

Buy Kids Guard

Choose the subscription that addresses your needs and fill the order form. Make and complete your payment to gain full access.

Install and Set Up

Download Kids Guard and install it on your kid’s mobile device.Whole process of installation will just take few minutes.

Monitor and Track

Log in to Kids Guard Control Panel to start tracking your kid’s calls, texts and web searches and add restrictions.

Keep Track of Your Child’s Activity Online.

Manage Your Kids’ Devices from One Place

Kids Guard was uniquely designed to make parenting easy for you. By logging into your Dashboard, you can easily have access to your kids’ mobile devices in one place and monitor what they are up to.

Helps Children to Safely Connect To the World

Kids Guard parental control software protects your children from online threats by granting you access to what your kids are doing online. It also helps you to identify potential dangers.

Top-Notch Security by Kid Guard App

Your security and that of your child remain our priorities. That’s why we secure all data with SSL encryption.Apart from monitoring it equally protect them from other threats.

Unlimited Monitoring By Kid Guard App

Kids Guard scans your kid’s accounts all the time and notifies you when problems are detected. It helps you to monitor more than one child from a single device by using our easy to manage dashboard.


You don’t have to be troubled whenever you encounter any problem with our app. We are just a tap away. Highlighted below are some of the top FAQs that you need to know.

What is Kids Guard?

Kids Guard is a parental control application that helps you to monitor your child’s activities on his or her phone and on the internet. It helps you to keep track of your child’s chats, texts, emails and social media activities amongst others. This enables you to protect him or her unpleasant exposures on the internet.

The app can alert you whenever a problem occurs thereby ensuring that your child is adequately protected irrespective of where he or she is.

How Does Kids Guard Work?

Kids Guard makes use of advanced machine learning as well as statistical analysis to pinpoint potential problems. These help the app to know when your kid is in danger or about to have access to the wrong contents.

Can Kids Guard Be Used While Using Other Parental Control Applications?

Yes. Kids Guard works well with most parental control software. It is an excellent complement to screen time management apps; thereby giving your kids the best coverage on the internet.

What Makes Kids Guard Different From Other Parental Control Apps?

Kids Guard is different from other parental control apps because it keeps your kids safe online by keeping you abreast of what they are up to. It protects them from life-threatening situations. It will help you to know if your child is in touch with sexual predators so that you can step in on time.

How Will My Child Feel About Kids Guard?

Kids are fond of Kids Guard because it is able to protect them online without any invasion from their parents.

How Secured Are My Child’s Data?

We don’t joke with security. That’s why we use SSL encryption on our website to protect your data and those of your kids. All data will be stored in our encrypted database to give you the assurance that your kid’s data is secure.

How Easy Is It To Install Kids Guard?

Kids Guard is very easy to install. All you need to do is to connect your child’s account to Kids Guard. This will only take a few minutes. If you need any help, feel free to call our team or contact us through email.

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